Saving shsh blobs for downgrading an iDevice

Have you ever wanted to revert to an older iOS/tvOS firmware? With every major iOS/tvOS update, older gen devices always suffers the same issues. Battery drain. The device becomes slower. Some features are removed (Like swipe to unlock) and so on. The most annoying part is that if Apple stops allowing older firmwares to be installed (Aka: Apple stops signing older firmwares), you are stuck on that unwanted firmware “forever”. Unless of course you saved your shsh blogs 🙂

tsschecker is an amazing tool written in C that allows you to save your shsh blob while apple is still signing them. With these blobs, you might have the ability to downgrade your device using “prometheus tool” or any other downgrade tool.

tsschecker isn’t the first app on the market that allows you to save your shsh blobs, but it’s been around since Dec 2015. It currently has 6 opened issues and around 7 people who contribute to it (@tihmstar being the project owner).

Why not contribute? It’s an amazing tool that protects you from future headaches!


    1. Ja. Mit dem “shsh blobs” können Sie mit dem “prometheus tool” Ihr Gerät “downgrade”.
      Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut 🙂

      You still need to make sure your iDevice is compatible with “prometheus tool”.

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