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Simon de Almeida

Software developer

I'm a software developer who's currently attending Seneca@York campus. If you're interested in knowing which courses I took, fell free to check here. I currently have 3 years of professional experience working for IBM Canada, Saint Elizabeth and Central CCAC! Fell free to check out my resume here or by clicking the link on the left menu.

If you're interested in hiring me, fell free to contact me via email or by using the conact form located in the "Contact Me" tab on the left menu.

  • Name Simon de Almeida
  • Address 70 The Pond Rd, North York
  • Email saimen66@gmail.com
  • Skype simon_661


- Hash Decrypt: personal project that involves using a cluster of NVidia's GPU technology to perform mathematical calculations to break specified password hashes. It currently supports MD5 hashed strings.

Developed with: C, C++, CUDA. (Download source here and download presentation here.)

- Linux VI Editor: This was an assignemnt for BTP300 class where we had to make our own editor like VI/nano.

Developed with: C++. (Download source here.)

- Inventory System: Web application designed to keep track of companies leased equipment (computers, printers, phones). Capable of determining how many items are leased, where they are currently located, who possesses them and when they are due for return. Active Directory is implemented in the login system.

Developed with: C#, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, JavaScript. (To protect the client's privacy, I cannot include a download link.)

- Hash Attack: A program fully capable of generating hashed strings and storing them in an Oracle database. It uses SHA-256 as an encryption method to generate rainbow tables. Strings are generated using all standard ASCII characters.

Developed with: C, C++, Oracle, SQL. (To protect the client's privacy, I cannot include a download link.)

- Nexj BP: A mobile application capable of calculating the user blood pressure based on their heart rate. With the given information, a graph is generated to show the user systolic, diastolic and weight changes. Using Google maps v2, it can do a location search of all hospitals nearby (Includes address, phone number, GPS).

Developed with: Java (Android SDK). (To protect the client's privacy, I cannot include a download link.)

professional skills

  • Html/css

  • javascript

  • php

  • Database (SQL, Oracle, DB2, Netezza)

  • C / C++

  • C#

  • Responsible

  • Creative

  • Multitasking



IAPS Software Developer - IBM Analytics Partner Sevices

May 2015 - Aug 2015
  • - Continued development on an Java-based application called Database Conversion Workbench (DCW).
  • - Created installation and user manual on DCW for business partners and clients.
  • - Developed automated tests modules using JUnit.
  • - Implemented Netezza, dashDB and DB2 functionalities to DCW.
  • - Technical support for IBMs annual conference, InterConnect 2015.

Systems Analyst - Central Community Care Access Centre

May 2011 - Jan 2012
  • - Built and configured personal computer and laptop workstations
  • - Re-imaged workstations and used disk utility software for wiping hard-disks
  • - Performed Active Directory administrative tasks
  • - Provided system support and escalated solutions for the help-desk
  • - Resolved customer service requests over the phone
  • - Provided desktop consultation for clients using remote management software
  • - Acted as a technical lead support for assigned projects


Bachelor Degree - Seneca College (York Campus)

Sept 2010 - Current (Expected graduation Apr 2016)

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Simon de Almeida. 70 The Pond Rd, North York
Toronto,ON M3J 3M6.

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